• 1001-1001 TR-90
    Opalin 1001-1001 C1 53 19
  • 1051-1051 TR-90
    Opalin 1051-1051 C1 55 17 135
  • 2029-2029 TR-90
    Opalin 2029-2029 43 17 120

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We participate in International MIDO optical exhibition .In this event we present our

newest and fashionable models which take the admire o...
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Our customers' Opinions

  • Pluggable earpieces have been great for me. It is like a full accessory. The accessory completing my style. Moreover the prices are convenient.

    Yasemin, Öğrenci
  • Opalin, the brand we would present our customers confidently. Return rate has been low level for the products we sold so far. I can say, it made us as much comfortable as the customers.

    Kemal Özdemir,Satış Danışmanı
  • I am happy that I got rid of the glasses which cause allergy to the skin of my child. Opalin glasses was produced to fit exactly to the face.

    Birgül Akay, Evhanımı
  • Unbreakability is a great advantage. Opalin is much more durable compared to the glasses I broke when I played basketball and used after repair. Besides I can replace the earpiece when I want.

    Bahri Sönmez,Doktor